Renovation Diary: 6 Gorgeous Modern Farmhouse Bathrooms

The days are getting shorter and colder, and that means we're picking back up with the renovation projects that have been mostly on hold the last few months. With the summers are as short as they are in the mountains, I couldn't bear to spend much time inside.

One new project that's popped up since we bought the house is the need (?) for a second floor bathroom. Certain members of the household have to use the bathroom in the middle of the night on a regular basis, while others do not. 

So we're working with a contractor on this one -- new plumbing and permits are beyond me at the moment -- and today he asked me, you know, how I wanted it to look. I stammered a little and said I would get back to him...and immediately hopped onto Pinterest.

This one from Fox and She is so sweet - I love the blending of the vintage style pedestal sink, the of-the-moment cement tile and the fairy tale little footstool.

via  CLE

via CLE

I'm OBSESSED with the color in this room. Our bathroom's going to be on the tiny side, so I'm hoping this is where I can go mad with a wild floor. (God, I sound old.)

#Lifegoals. I love this sweet Swedish bathroom. Our bathroom will have a pitched roof like this one. I like the size -- after ten years of apartment living, large bathrooms just feel funny ;)

via  Yahoo

via Yahoo

Airy and bright, and love the wood floors. 

 A very impressive DIY project, with excellent documentation along the way. This is a room full of sweet and thoughtful details. 


This was actually a great exercise for me -- I know what I want now! Now I just need to find $50K to pay for it ;). Kidding, of course. Next, I'm working on capturing the feeling of what I love about these while staying within our small budget. Since a lot of the house has tongue-and-groove pine, I think I'll go with that painted white for the walls, for a slightly different take on shiplap. I love hexagonal tiles, but I hate scrubbing grout so the little penny tiles are out. I'm looking for hex tiles that are 6 inches or bigger. I'd love a bright floor, too. And I'm sure I'm going to stencil some stars in there somewhere!