DIY Gifts They Actually Want

Handmade gifts. I love 'em. I love the care and thought that goes into crafting each slightly lopsided pair of earrings, each kind-of-unusable piece of pottery, each scratchy acrylic crocheted scarf. (Um, sorry family who I forced those on.)

Handmade gifts are wonderful. But they would be wonderfuller if that actually fulfilled a need or a want the recipient had. So I rounded up a bunch of not-too-hard DIY projects that actually make something pretty cool. A bunch of them are super fast too, so you slackers out there are totally covered.

Chain Braided Bracelets, via DIY Projects

Homemade Smudge Sticks, via You Grow Girl

Flavored Finishing Salts, via Mommypotamus

Hot Honey, via Bon Appetite


Seed Bombs, via Hello Nature

5-Minute DIY Lip Balm, via The Seasoned Mom


Hand Crocheted Blanket, via Flax and Twine

Custom Guess Who? Game, via Almost Makes Perfect

DIY Bath Bombs, via Inspired by Charm

Hope you found something for at least a couple of people on your list!