Things to Want: Beautiful Vinyl Tile

Now that the living room floor is pretty much complete, we're starting to plan the update for the kitchen floor. Here's what it looks like now:

We've pretty much settled on not extending the cork floor we've been installing all the way to the kitchen, mainly because the floor in that part of the house is really not flat, which is a no-go for floating floors. Also that we'd have to take up the existing vinyl floor, and also cork flooring (because of it's laminate-like construction) doesn't do great with water. 

Adding some new vinyl tile instead answers all of those issues. Trouble is, I'm having trouble finding something I like. Normally I'd throw down a black and white checkerboard pattern and call it a day, but that doesn't feel quite right for this setting. Context is king. (Not content, as you may have heard.)

I've been trolling Pinterest for exciting things. There were some cool treatments that sliced up the standard 12" x 12" tiles to make a herringbone pattern, like this one from Grace & Gumption:

I like this a lot, but it feels a little prim for our house, which is pretty rough around the edges. Like literally...the walls are T1-11! I've scraped my skin on them. Anyway.

I also really like the slate-looking vinyl, like this install from The Cabindo:

Buuut, I'm not sure how this color grey will look with the cork.

I found this amazing pattern on Apartment Therapy, and it seemed perfect:


The tiles shown here are VCT, which means they need to be glued down. For some reason this frightens me. And I can't find these, or other black/white/grey tiles in peel-and-stick! Everything is just swirly fake stone.


Enter Mirth Studio.

Mirth Studios makes a line of gorgeously patterned wood tile, with a select number of patterns available as peel-and-stick tiles. 

I love these. But I think they may be a bit precious for this house. (This house is pretty no nonsense, and a little gruff.) I ordered a couple of samples ($8 each plus shipping -- ouch) so we'll see. These can also be used as back splash tiles, which could also be cool. In the mean time, I'll keep looking for a way I can make the buffalo plaid with stick-ums. Or maybe just suck it up and glue them.