Renovation Diary: Living Room Update

During the last several weekends, we've focused the majority of our time on updating the living room. As a reminder, here's where we started:

We removed the carpet right away.

Since January, we've replaced the propane heater, removed the defunct fireplace, painted, and installed the floating cork floors. Here's where we are now:

The click-together, supposedly-very-easy floors were a bit tricky for a few reasons. The first, and most important, being that nothing in this house is square. We discovered that was a problem when we first began installing these, and realized that without flat walls the brace against, the puzzle piece-like sections would just fall away from each other. I'll post a full tutorial on how to install floating floors when this is an issue in the coming weeks.

All work was completed under Pancho's strict supervision.

All work was completed under Pancho's strict supervision.

Up next for the living room: attempting to paint the top half of the 20 foot cathedral wall, putting in the baseboards, installing the new sconces (that I got for $5!), assembling the couch, and all the other decorating-y things. Onward!