Adjusting to Office Life

Hello, spring.

Spring has crept up on me. Not just because of the still-wintry feeling in the northeast, but because I’ve been inside, away from air and weather.

In late January, just a few days before January 20th, I went back to work full time. I had left my old full-time job in July, to focus on freelancing, and it was going okay. But after the events of November, I found myself needing the security of a steady paycheck, and so I started looking around. In December I saw a position with an organization that’s very meaningful to me, and that I have volunteered for for several years. I got the job, in a high rise in lower Manhattan.

That part of it isn’t great -- the building itself is better than where I was before, because there are windows, and real patches of sky, and even a view of the sunset over Ellis Island. It’s bright, and there are plants at every desk. It’s pretty nice, actually. But the remove to the 17th floor in a place sealed up with cement has tamped down my brain in a way I can’t quite put my finger on.

And so for the last month and a half I’ve been working on a post about how to bring nature into your cubicle. I’m working on it, but I keep not working on it. Probably because I am still working it out. Probably because not everything is fixable with a shopping spree.

How can I bring wildness into a tame space? Or, is it even possible?

There are studies that say even looking at pictures of trees is beneficial.

So I'm trying that. But I welcome the spring, and wait for the real green to rush in.